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DrayTek ADSL / VDSL DV 130
DrayTek ADSL / VDSL DV 130

The DrayTek Vigor is a high speed ADSL + VDSL modem with powerful NAT, firewall and network management functions.

Allows faster data transmission for devices on the LAN.

DrayTek 2760 ADSL VDSL UFB
DrayTek 2762 ADSL, VDSL / UFB

ADSL / VDSL Router and firewall. Built - in VDSL/ ADSL2+ modem.

4 x Gigabit LAN ports for high speed network connectivity. UFB Ready - LAN port 4 can be configured as a WAN interface and can be used for UFB connections.

Sophos Firewalls

Give us a call for a customised Unified threat management solution.

The Sophos solution is for those customers that are concerned about security and visibility. With a fabulous reporting engine Sophos XG can provide your business with daily reports letting you know about security and data usage issues before they get out of control.

Let us send one of our engineers to discuss your requirements.

Support Options

Fast, helpful, knowledgeable support is critical for your business success. You can take comfort from the knowledge that Voiptel strive to provide the customised and personal support services often found lacking from larger ISP’s. If you want to avoid spending hours waiting on hold while you endeavour to resolve a technical issue, contact the Voiptel team today to talk about the VoIP phone system for your business. We support all Voiptel supplied hardware and handsets, such as phones, cables and modems and provide responsive, local on-site support where required.

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