Cloud Based VoIP Phone Systems

Why Choose a Cloud Based Business Phone System?

With cloud-based VoIP phone system, there’s no PBX hardware, server costs and delays or traditional dial-tone services to purchase and maintain. Voiptel takes care of all that for you. We can set up and configure the system for your business, supply advice on handsets or headsets and provide training that’ll see you maximise your system and minimise your financial investment.

Cost Effective

Small businesses that switch to cloud based VoIP can reduce local call costs by up to 40% and international costs by up to 90% of traditional PBX.

Automated Updates

Eliminate the hassle of updating phone servers in-house. Your cloud phone system is constantly being upgraded and improved while you sit back and relax.

Feature Rich

Apps that allow you to extension dial your team, call the PSTN, utilise virtual assistant or see when your co-workers are occupied with calls...

Geographic Redundancy

Allows for decentralized setup of cloud based components, minimising downtime by utilising different servers as a mirror replica of each other.

Onsite Technicians

Avoid maintenance of equipment, mechanical malfunctions, or additional IT hours to keep your system up and running.

Multi-Office Connectivity

A cloud based phone system can connect your entire company to the same phone service, and have it managed by a single administrator from any location.

Quick Implementation

Avoid lengthy installation delays. Using a cloud based, hosted service ensures a prompt setup and speedy ongoing support as your requirements increase.

NZ Owned & Operated

Voiptel Ltd is 100% owned and operated, so supporting Voiptel to support you, supports New Zealand business!

Multi-Office Connectivity

How Does it Work?

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