Softphones for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

What can Voiptel Softphones do?

The benefits of a softphone

Softphones are the way of the future for companies which conduct a lot of business over the phone. They are a fantastic option for many reasons:

They are convenient: No installing landlines or moving them around as offices and layouts change. Employees with laptops can take their phone with them on business, making them ideal for anyone who travels as part of their job.

They are cost effective: VoIP calling is much cheaper than using phone lines, as you pay for bandwidth rather than minutes and pay no operating fee for a landline. A softphone also reduces the cost of expensive hardware.

They are tidy: Desk space is at a premium in many offices. A softphone reduces clutter and wires, freeing up space and improving the working environment for everyone.


Why use Voiptel?

If you have issues, Voiptel has support and solutions. Our phones, softphones and all business communication systems are reliable, installed by expert technicians and supported by a friendly, knowledgeable and responsive customer support team. We will answer your calls, and are happy to come to your site to fix any issues which crop up.

Voiptel is all about keeping you connected - and our softphones are the latest way to streamline your business communications.

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